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Crisalide Trading is an international trade company that offers services in several modalities. Import for your company or for your client. Exportation for Customers in wholesale and e-commerce with bonded warehousing abroad. Study of export feasibility. Survey of dispatching bureaucracy for exportation. Implantation of a foreign trade division in the company. Outsourcing the foreign trade division of the company. Development of international marketing planning. Development and execution of projects for development.

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Imports of services, equipment, products for resale, and manufacture supplies. We seek if necessary new suppliers abroad to better meet your company's needs.


Export to your customer abroad in Brazil.

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Export Feasibility Study

Analysis of your product and evaluation of the possibilities and necessary adjustments for its introduction in the target market.

Export Bureaucracy 

Several items and markets have special needs regarding licenses, certifications, analysis documents, etc. We establish the needs in the destination market and request the necessary documentation to make your product ready for export.

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Implementation of the Foreign Trade Division

Creation of an internal department of International Trade including training, tools, and other aspects necessary for your company to carry out all the effort of exporting or importing.

International Trade Division Outsourcing

Acting as the company's International Trade department.

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International Marketing Planning

The exportation of your company planned for greater integration and result with market studies, brand adequacy, quantity adequacy, packaging, pricing, risk analysis, etc. All the elements of a marketing study focused on the target market.

Fostering Projects

Research of national and international programs, class entities, and sectorial entities for export fostering.

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Trade Representative

We are responsible for developing customers in foreign markets, being necessary only the supply of samples, promotional material and the adaptation of the product according to the needs of the target market. All the rest of the international sales operation is our responsibility and onus. When the customer places an order, we buy the products in Brazil and sell them abroad.


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